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What is the Triduum?

April 19 @ 12:58 pm

Enter into the Triduum
with this beautiful instrumental Stations of the Cross

Even with the establishment of the everlasting Covenant, God knew His people had not suddenly become worthy or capable of fidelity. In the very act of renewing the Covenant, Jesus endured the disciples’ dullness and lack of understanding. As He knelt to wash their feet at the Last Supper to demonstrate His love, Peter cried out, “You will never wash my feet!” But Jesus was not surprised by Peter’s lack of understanding, and His love was undaunted.

Jesus allowed Himself to be betrayed, scourged, mocked, crowned with thorns, crucified, and pierced with a spear. He held nothing back, but surrendered all for us, even life itself. He inserted His divine, unending love where ours was wanting and repaired the breached relationship, reestablishing us as His beloved children.

Such unstoppable love healed the broken relationship. Can we doubt the strength of love that expresses itself thus? Can we doubt the gravity of the Covenant that was ratified in such a way?