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September 11 @ 6:58 pm

September: A Month to Turn to Mary
The month of September contains many opportunities to honor Our Lady, the humble woman of Nazareth.  Some of these memorials in the Church’s liturgical calendar are more hidden than others.  We celebrate the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary on September 8thand the Holy Name of Mary on September 12th. Assured that no other person can understand our sufferings better than Our Lady of Sorrows, we commemorate this title of Mary on September 15th, one day after the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. Music sung by the Dominican Sisters of Mary: ‘Mother Mary’ (from ‘Requiem’, composed by Eliza Gilkyson; lyrics by Sr. Mary Jordan, OP, provided at the bottom of this post)

Sorrow Makes Way for Joy

The name Mary, or “Mariam” in Aramaic, derives from a word meaning bitterness.  In life’s sorrow and bitterness, we have a Mother who is intimately connected with us – joining us to her Son.  Mary’s birth gave way to a new beginning for the Jewish people.  For so long they lived in slavery, but kneeling beside her at the foot of the cross, God’s people are freed from sin and are claimed by Him, through  the Triumph of the Cross.     

A Nightly Dominican Pilgrimage

Each night after Compline, our community sings and journeys in procession to Our Lady’s altar in the chapel.  We take up this ancient Dominican tradition of singing the Salve Regina and kneeling before her as she turns to her Son and intercedes for His Benediction upon our community, upon our friends and benefactors, and upon our world.  We journey to Our Lady’s altar because all processions are a symbol of that movement toward Heaven which this life in community avails us.

Every year on September 5th,  the Sisters dedicate community prayers and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for all of the deceased friends and benefactors – those who have been a part of this journey with us, and whom we have been privileged to accompany on their journey to Heaven, as well. 

Under Our Lady’s Mantle, may we find
hope in the Exaltation of the Cross. 

Lyrics to ‘Mother Mary’

Verse 1
Mother Mary, full of grace now hasten, hear our cry to thee thine own poor children, left in misery.
Mother Mary, calm our fears have mercy, drowning in this sea of tears have mercy.
Hear our mournful plea.
For banished and shaken, we wander this desert forsaken.
In this weary vale of tears, mournful sighs all to thine ears,
O Mother Mary, come and carry us in your embrace.
May we see Him face to face.
Verse 2
Holy Queen, our mother full of mercy, our life and sweetness in this bitter valley, to thee do we cry.
Mother Mary, be for us a refuge, wand’ring souls are we; your love our rescue.
Hear our cry to thee.
O Mother of Jesus, how sweet is your love come to meet us.
Mercy seat and temple pure, life and sweetness source of hope,
O Mother Mary, come and carry us in your embrace.
May we see Him face to face.
Verse 3
Mary fill the glass to overflowing.
Illuminate the path that we are going.
Have mercy on us all.
Mother Mary, full of grace and faithful to her children crying in this exile, hear our humble plea.
For eye has not seen for the ear has not heard what the Word, showing us the Father’s face ransomed full, all debt repaid,
O Mother Mary, come and carry us in your embrace.
May we see Him face to face.