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686 BC and you?

January 23 @ 7:03 pm

The faith and adoration you offer matters personally to Him and adds to the cosmic homage He receives throughout time. Your faith stems from the chosen people of the Old Testament who steadfastly awaited the Messiah’s coming for generations. It is in one accord, too, with the blessed people of Christ’s time, including the Magi who gazed firsthand on His star in the night sky, and others who later witnessed His miracles, sacrificial love, suffering and Resurrection from the dead. Since then, countless additional souls have conformed their hearts to Him, and your faith, 2000 years later, joins the never-ending cascade of faith progressing through the ages.

Regardless of whether your faith seems to you firm or blown about by storms of struggle, it is a marvelous participation in the vast loyalty and submission of heart offered continuously to the King of Kings!

How precious is the faith you offer now in your own time and place. May your heart swell with joy as you participate with the Magi in the cosmic flow of worship destined for Christ until the end of time.