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Dominican Saints Lead the Way in Courage and Wisdom

April 30 @ 6:13 pm

On April 29, we celebrate the feast day of our Dominican sister, St. Catherine of Siena. As she courageously followed Christ in every phase of her life, may she teach us how to become better disciples of Christ.

Did you know that popes wear white because of a Dominican?

On April 30, we will celebrate the feast day of  Pope St. Pius V, who continued to wear the white habit of the Dominicans through his pontificate, thus making it the standard attire of the papacy. A great advocate for the Rosary and preacher of the Truth of our Faith, let us pray to him to intercede for us as we strive to follow the path of sanctity. Learn more about Pope St. Pius V.

Enter Into the Glory of the Easter Season

As we continue to commemorate Christ’s Resurrection during this Easter Season, pray the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, contemplating Christ’s triumphal victory over sin and death.

Grow in Hope

“Understanding the nature of supernatural hope gives us confidence in navigating life. We neither fall into despair nor presumption but live in God, with trust in His goodness which guides us to beatitude.” –Echoing the Mystery, pg. 390

Christ’s sacrifice for us encourages us to hope for our own salvation and to continue living a life of virtue.  Root yourself in the theological virtue of hope for the remainder of the Easter season, imploring our Lord to infuse you even more with this great gift.