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Where will you be in 40 days?

February 24 @ 7:23 pm

Jesus Himself experienced much pain in life. Scripture tells us that He endured betrayal, arrest, condemnation, rejection and crucifixion.

He was despised and shunned by others, a man of sorrows who was no stranger to suffering. – Isaiah 53:3

Jesus’ suffering was extensive, but it was not the goal. He takes no delight in our suffering or His own. Pain is not pleasing to God. Nevertheless, Jesus embraced a life filled with suffering and accepted a horrific death!

Love was the goal. Suffering speaks volumes to our stubborn hearts because that pain was endured for youThat pain means you are treasured beyond comprehension. No longer can we doubt His love because His suffering makes it most evident.

God is love and mercifully He requires much less from us to demonstrate our love. By small acts of self-denial through fasting, prayer, and almsgiving, we willingly offer our hearts to Him. Let us approach Lent this year with the desire to satiate His merciful heart with our love.

Dear Lord Jesus, grant me the desire to love you and the grace to show my love through small acts of self-denial this Lent.

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