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800 Years of Dominican Legacy

August 25 @ 1:07 pm

The Need for Truth
It all began 800 years ago with a light shining in the darkness of confusion and false reality.  St. Dominic had a hope for humanity, founded upon a Presence that was certain.  This Presence of God needed to be known so humanity would be free to see Truth. As the Gospel of John applies Psalm 69:9 to the impassioned Christ, “zeal for your house will consume me,” so too does His faithful son Dominic share in our Lord’s undying flame for souls.  To know God and to make Him known – this was what was needed.  

Truth Set Free
To know God and to make Him known – this is what is needed in our day as well.  With the darkness and falsities which threaten the illumination of Truth in our world, one cannot help but ponder the great need in our time to carry on the legacy of St. Dominic. “To contemplate, and to give to others the fruit of your contemplation,” remains the motto and legacy of the Dominican Order to this day.  Steeped in His Presence, Truth is set free. 

Carrying on the Dominican Legacy
Moved by this same zeal for souls and God’s call to be authentic witnesses of Truth, our community of Sisters seeks to carry on St. Dominic’s legacy – to know and make known Jesus Christ. Everything flows from our contemplative gaze on our Eucharistic Lord, each day in prayer and adoration.  Like our Blessed Mother, it is in being filled that we are then able to bring Christ to others in the active work in our apostolate, which is illumined and inspired by knowing Him.  This legacy is carried out as we give the spiritual fruits of our contemplation to our students from pre-school to college, to young women discerning their life’s vocation, and to all those we encounter wherever God leads us.  

Our Legacy

Our desire and work to carry on St. Dominic’s legacy is enabled and encouraged by those who join us through their spiritual and temporal support.  During this “National Make a Will Month,” will you consider making us part of your legacy by including the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist in your will?  In doing so, you will be helping us to know God and make Him known to the coming generations!

If you already have a will, you can add our community through
an amendment known as a codicil.  (Sample language is below). ​

I give, devise, bequeath, ______ (insert % or amount) of all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate (alternatively, you may specify a  dollar amount, item(s) or property to be donated) to the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, for its general purposes. EIN: 38-3349686

If you do not yet have a will, we welcome you to
create one 
through our partner, FreeWill.
There is no charge, and it typically takes about 20 minutes.

Above all, we welcome your prayers, that God would continue to protect, guide, and inspire us to carry on
the legacy of St. Dominic for generations to come.

Know of our gratitude for your friendship
and our prayers for you and all your intentions. ​