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At the heart of Catholic education is the Person of Jesus Christ.  He is the Master Teacher.  As Dominicans, our primary apostolate is teaching.

As we engage in the New Evangelization, we are open to new forms of handing down the faith, and in particular, the work of catechesis.

Women religious have been an integral part of the history of Catholic education in the United States.  As Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, we seek to continue the tradition of educating generations of young people in their Faith and most of all, to bring youth into deeper relationship with Christ.

Drawing upon our own intimate relationship with Christ as women religious, we bring a conviction and a passion to our apostolate as we offer to others our knowledge of Christ and His Church.  Formed first in the sanctuary and in the cloister as contemplatives, we are able to bring the Truth to the classroom with a faith formation that includes liturgical, doctrinal, spiritual and moral dimensions. This faith formation, expanded upon in our Remain in Me curriculum, is offered to our students within the context of an authentic Catholic culture. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has said, “The dignity of education lies in fostering the true perfection and happiness of those to be educated.”  It is our hope to join in the great endeavor of fostering the true perfection in virtue of our students and all those we encounter, with an educational focus on the virtues as inspired by Saint Thomas Aquinas.

In our Spiritus Sanctus Academies or in other Catholic schools where our Sisters are involved in the administration or teaching apostolate, we look to foster, flowing from the Dominican charism, the formation of the students, spiritually, intellectually, and physically.  We support the growth and excellence of the whole person so that they too can go out and engage the culture with a knowledge of the Truth.   We seek to foster the holiness of our students, because holiness and happiness are synonymous in the light of Faith.

At this juncture in the Catholic Church’s history in our country, which is in such great need for the new evangelization spoken of by Saint John Paul II, we serve the Church by deepening the renewal of Catholic education and bringing consecrated women religious back into the schools.

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Spiritus Sanctus Academy

The Dominican Sisters of Mary continue their apostolic mission through the Christian education and formation of young people in the Spiritus Sanctus Academies.

Spiritus Sanctus Academies are private Catholic K-8 schools in the Ann Arbor and Plymouth areas of Southeast Michigan. The schools are owned and administrated by Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist and staffed by Priests, Religious and laity.

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