There is so much to do in Washington, DC, that we hardly knew where to begin!  Those of us at The Catholic University of America certainly had an exciting year of study, apostolate, and, yes, sight-seeing.  As part of the Religious in Residence Program at CU, we organized Christmas baking and Easter polishing parties, participated in campus ministry retreats and events, and spent plenty of informal time with students at meals and prayers.  Now, four Sisters have graduated, while two are continuing their programs next year and will have four more Sisters joining them!

It was a year of major academic milestones.  Sr. Mary Regina submitted her thesis and passed her comprehensive exams in philosophy!  Sr. Maria Veritas gave several talks both on and off campus related to theology and completed her initial coursework for her doctorate.  Sr. Catherine Thomas, Sr. Maria Canisius, and Sr. Agnes Paulina all completed student teaching.  Sr. Karol Joseph not only completed the first year of her secondary education in math program but also presented geometry research at Catholic University’s annual Research Day!  As Sr. Mary Regina, Sr. Catherine Thomas, Sr. Maria Canisius, and Sr. Agnes Paulina graduate, Sr. Maria Veritas and Sr. Karol Joseph will continue their degree work—and their religious presence—at CU.

We had many amazing opportunities to work with CU students and to explore the DC area.  We visited the American History Museum, the Air and Space Museum, the Botanical Gardens, Arlington National Cemetary, Mt. Vernon, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the National Archives, the Library of Congress, and the Capitol Building!  So many of the people we encountered on these outings were delighted to see Sisters; it was a privilege to bring a little joy to the capital!


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