Our Joyful Postulants!

Our New Postulants

We wish a warm welcome to the sweet 12 young women who have just begun the great adventure of religious life!  We are so blessed to have them join us in our 20th Anniversary year.

Postulant Stories

Sr. Karenna

Columbus Grove, Ohio

Growing up in a strong Catholic home, my parents instilled in me the importance of discerning God’s Will for my life…

From a young age, Religious Life was very attractive to me. When my mother discovered the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist and told me about the Community, I was very interested and couldn’t wait to attend a discernment retreat. As soon as I was old enough, I attended a discernment retreat with the Sisters and was amazed at their joyful witness. Though I felt a yearning in my heart for Religious Life, I became very selfish with God and quickly allowed myself to become caught up in all that the world had to offer. I convinced myself that my plans were truly God’s Will and prepared to attend college and have a family one day. In April, a friend mentioned attending a discernment retreat with the Dominican Sisters and I agreed to go with her to verify my plans. It was during Eucharistic Adoration on this retreat when I experienced an overwhelming feeling that this was the place God had prepared for me. The Holy Spirit gave me the courage to give my “yes” to God and I am extremely grateful for His invitation! I am indebted to my parents and family for nurturing my vocation and giving me an enormous amount of love and support on this journey!

Sister Katelyn

Traverse City, Michigan

Being raised in Catholicism but never claiming it as my own, it took me until my sophomore year in high school to realize the beauty of my Catholic faith…

Growing up, I had wonderful parents who loved Christ and shared Him intimately with me. I went to church every Sunday, prayed countless rosaries, and attended Catholic school for twelve years. However, I did all these things because my parents told me to. I didn’t take my faith into my own hands until I was sixteen. It was then that God gave me the grace to see the enormity of His sacrifice for me personally. I spent the next two years struggling to balance my sinfulness with God’s mercy. At the beginning of my senior year, I attended a Kairos retreat where God revealed that my problem was not my sins, but rather a lack of love in my heart. He gave me an abundance of grace and soon thereafter I met the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist on a Nun Run with the Diocese of Lansing. At their convent, my worries melted away, and a joyful peace entered my heart; I knew I was meant to be here the rest of my life. Upon entrance into the Community, the most exciting journey of my life began!

Sister Amanda

Austin, Texas

I had always felt amazed by Our Lord’s merciful presence in my life, and I knew that all I wanted to do was give Him my whole heart…

I received my call during Adoration while on a retreat. A deacon came around to light candles, which served as a reflection of our hearts on fire. As the deacon lit my candle, I had a sudden desire to let the world know of Christ’s glory, and to light all hearts on fire for Him. I offered myself to Christ and asked how I could do His Will. Images of the Sisters at my school flashed through my head, but I denied the thoughts and mistook them for distractions. But they were too persistent to ignore and I realized there were tears in my eyes: “Lord, is this your will?” An overflowing joy and a resounding “Yes!” flooded my heart, and I knew it was Christ speaking. I brought Him every doubt and He patiently subdued each one. I responded yes with all my heart, and was filled with peace concerning an unknown future. As Christ had already drawn me close to Him in prayer through the influence of my family and through the Saints, now He filled me with the graces to bring His light to the world, asking me to do so joyfully as a consecrated Religious.



Sister Nina

Valparaiso, Indiana

I grew up in a Catholic family where we attended Mass and my Mom instilled in us a great love for Our Lady…

I loved my Catholic faith; however, my mind was set more on travel and adventure. I was never convinced that a life with and for Christ could be exciting enough to satiate my desire for more in life. It wasn’t until I began my first semester of college at St. Mary’s, Notre Dame and after coming back from a summer in Italy that I realized I still felt unsatisfied. Happiness came to me during prayer and Mass. I began to experience how magnificent God’s love was for me. The idea of Religious Life slowly began to enter my head, but I had no idea what to do about it! It wasn’t until World Youth Day 2016 that I freely answered this Divine pull in my heart to be all His. I continued to discern while studying abroad in France. During my time there, my faith strengthened and my love for God grew. After a few twists and turns and a beautiful weekend on retreat with our Sisters, I knew that this community was where God had been gently leading me. I am so blessed!

Sister Kelly

Winston Salem, North Carolina

Christ has gently led me and patiently allowed me to answer the call…

I began to discern religious life when I was a Junior in high school. However, I was convinced that my plan was greater than the Lord’s plan for me. Afraid, stubborn, and feeling unworthy of such a beautiful call, I continued on to pursue my college education. I was in my second semester at a small liberal arts college pursuing a degree in Psychology when I met the Sisters and knew God was calling me to the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist. Visiting the motherhouse on vocation retreats and attending World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland, I was able to listen to the voice of God in my heart. Christ gently led me and patiently allowed me to answer the call. What a joyful experience it has been to cast all my fears aside and say “yes” to His divine plan!

Sister Anna

Alhambra, California

Our Lord showed me how to love Him in the every day so that listening to His call would feel like being welcomed into His open arms…

I had looked seriously into Religious Life in high school but I knew I was forcing something without having yet been invited. So I stepped back to take one day at a time, enrolling at Thomas Aquinas College for undergraduate studies. There I began to grow in my faith not because anybody told me I should, but because I found our Lord’s love for me irresistible. Despite a great first year, about Christmas of sophomore year I knew that there was something missing in my life. This feeling of emptiness, despite a beautiful academic life and community, was filled when two Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist came to speak at TAC. I was asked to greet them upon arrival and show them where they would be staying. From the minute I met them it was like coming home: I knew that our Lord had been preparing my heart to meet them. I met Sr. Joseph Andrew at breakfast and told her I believed I had a vocation, and she invited me to the Sisters’ discernment retreat less than a month later. The retreat was such a beautiful experience; at the conclusion of the weekend, I filled out application papers on the flight back to California. God spoke—and I answered “Yes!”

Sister Kathleen

Cincinnati, Ohio

I’ve always longed to share my excitement about my Catholic faith with others, and in college I began to feel called to do so with my whole life…

Growing up as a “cradle Catholic,” I attended Mass every Sunday, received the Sacraments, and eagerly absorbed everything I learned in my Religious Education classes. My favorite saint was Thérèse, the Little Flower—I wanted to be like her, but I never knew about the possibility of giving my life to Jesus in a radical way as a Religious. Although there’s a Catholic church on almost every corner in Cincinnati, and multiple Catholic high schools, the first time I saw a woman wearing a habit – and she was my age! – was in my college years at Xavier University. Some friends told me about “vocation discernment” and I decided I should give this a try. I had an opportunity to attend a Monastic Experience Weekend at a Carmelite monastery, which was beautiful yet also taught me that I do not have a cloistered vocation! The Jesuit scholastic, Mr. Brian Norton, SJ, was a good friend of Sr. Joseph Andrew and put me in contact with her. I attended the Sisters’ “Be Not Afraid” vocational discernment retreat and believed this was THE Community for me! A year later, I was finally willing to say “YES!” and accept God’s invitation! God is merciful, patient…and He loves me!



Sister Amanda

Attalla, Alabama

I first felt God calling me to religious life in high school, but I was too selfish and afraid to listen…

Blessed with the opportunity for daily Mass, my friendship with God grew. I wrote Him a letter, promising to do whatever He asked of me. After reading it, a friend admitted: “It sounds like you’re going to be a Sister.” I hoped she was wrong; God couldn’t possibly be calling me to that. I put my promise to God on hold for college. After graduation I started teaching, and although I was happy, that promise kept bothering me. When I finally prayed about it, it was more of a fight with God than a conversation. I revealed my worries to my friends at the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word, and they knowingly led me to the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. On their discernment retreat, I turned to our Lady and sheepishly prayed, “Okay, lead me to your Son. I surrender.” Gazing at the Blessed Sacrament, I was filled with peace and joy as I felt her answer: “I’ve already led you to Him. There He is waiting for you.” I’m so happy and grateful to have recommitted to my promise, and to be joining such a joyful Community.

Sister Anne

Wildwood, Missouri

I first felt Our Lord’s call when I was very young, but I ran away as I wanted to do things my way…

Though ashamed of that reaction, I have been so blessed to see God’s great love because of it. He gently began to ask me to follow Him while I was in high school. He was patient while I worked through fright and lack of trust until I realized He wasn’t asking me not to have a life, but to live my life with radical love of Him. It wasn’t until a few years after college that I was able to pursue His call; during that time, by His grace, I never fully laid it aside. I felt drawn to the Dominican motto of “to contemplate and give to others the fruits of one’s contemplation” and couldn’t shake the feeling that God had been forming a Dominican heart in me. The Dominican Sisters of Mary were the second Dominican Community I visited – but once here, I was immediately blown away by how beautiful and balanced their life was and how joyous the Sisters were. All the fears that held me from Our Lord melted away. I am HIS!

Sister Nicole

Ankeny, Iowa

Throughout my life God has placed incredible and true friends in my life to gently work the soil,plant seeds, water, nourish, and prune my heart…

When I first became aware of the call to Religious Life in high school, I was not ready or willing. I was Lutheran and terrified of what I believed Catholics believed and taught. My response was to read the Bible to prove why Catholics were misguided. That plan backfired and what I feared most in the Tradition of the Catholic Church was actually what drew me into the Church. Throughout my life God has placed incredible and true friends to gently work the soil, plant seeds, nourish, and prune my heart. At my first full time job, a coworker invited me to Mass with her family; she became my sponsor just a year later. Through this family and the support of a friend that shared my passions for faith and exercise, I realized I could say “yes” to the person God was calling me to be. God has blessed me in a variety of ways and with a beautiful family and friends—it would be impossible to list them all! It has been, and continues to be, an incredible journey, filled with His grace and love.

Sister Katie

Columbia, South Carolina

When I was little I always said I wanted to be a Sister…

but then life happened. Sometime around my sophomore year I learned about the Air Force Academy and it caught my attention. In particular I was captivated by both the challenge and adventure, as well as the chance to serve that it presented; I decided to apply. In June of 2005, I headed out to Colorado. However, while I was at the Academy and during my time on active duty the Lord continue to remind me of the call He had placed in my heart long ago. I transferred to the reserves in the fall of 2014 and moved to Columbia, SC where I took a job as a roadway designer (I had majored in Civil Engineering and been a Civil Engineering Officer). I met the Sisters in February of 2017 and the Lord provided me with the grace to finally say “yes” to the call He had been patiently presenting to me these many years. I am so grateful the Lord stayed with me on such a winding road, which took me to Afghanistan, Iraq and many other countries. I can’t wait to live the future adventures He has in store for me as a Dominican Sister!

Did you know?

Members of the Postulant Class of 2017-2018 have attended/graduated from the following Colleges/Universities:

  • Air Force Academy
  • Augustana College
  • University of AZ Tucson
  • Benedictine College
  • Spring Hill College
  • Baylor University
  • Xavier University
  • University of Dallas
  • Thomas Aquinas College
  • Belmont Abbey
  • St. Mary’s Notre Dame
  • Northwestern Michigan College
  • Thomas Edison State University
  • Northeastern University
  • Ohio State University
  • Rhodes State College

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