Sisters at Steps for Students Catholic school fundraiser
Houston Mission with Halloween visitors

In Houston, the action does not stop! Everything from construction on a new convent to moving (at a day’s notice) from in-person to online teaching — the Sisters have been busy in Space City!  

In March, as the nationwide pandemic began to take shape, the Sisters made the switch to online teaching. Quickly altering the convent to provide enough spaces to teach online, they improvised online “classrooms” out of the backyard patio, garage, and even the laundry room. Sr. Albert Marie, Professor of Theology at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, continued teaching her college classes online. She has had plenty of experience since she taught the Sisters in the novitiate a variety of classes through online platforms. Sr. Maria Guadalupe and Sr. Hyacinth also began their online teaching right after spring break at St. John XXIII College Prep. Their high school students had to pick up online learning quickly, and the Sisters did an excellent job shepherding students into the new “classroom” while being alert and sensitive to the new stressors of online learning. Each Sister, whether teaching at the college or high school level, learned that care and concern for the students in their new contexts was equally as important as delivering their required course content. This new aspect of caring for the good of souls was embraced and lived by the Sisters.  

Architectural and fundraising plans are underway for the new Cathedral High School at Our Lady of Walsingham! Sr. Thomas Aquinas and Sr. Amata Veritas have been busy attending meetings and planning the curriculum for the new high school. Sr. Amata Veritas continues to serve the Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter while overseeing elements of community outreach, membership development, and support of Bishop Steven Lopes and the chancery clergy.  

Finally, the Sisters watch the daily progress on constructing a new convent at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham. Each day brings new details, walls, windows, and rooms! The Sisters are profoundly grateful to the benefactors who have made their new convent a reality and continue to pray for all they meet and work with in Houston! 

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