Just as vibrant flowers burst forth as the first sign of spring, so too have the students of SSA blossomed as they approach the end of the school year. Satisfaction is palpable throughout the school as students compare their current skills and knowledge with those they started with in the fall. Growth has indeed happened, and teachers can rest easy with the certainty that their students possess all the tools that they need to be successful the following year. More precious than all of this, is the evidence of a deeper growth of faith and virtue. Seeing the supernatural joy of the second graders as they come to school after receiving their first Holy Communion, or witnessing the theological truths so zealously proclaimed by our kindergarteners during Mass, is enough to prove that Christ reigns in the hearts of each of the students. Even more miraculous was witnessing how a diverse group of middle schoolers eagerly came together to share a day of reflection, prayer, and communion. These fruits, and much more like it, make all the sacrifices and efforts to stay in-person worthwhile and provides educators with a conviction that Catholic education is much more than mere academics.

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