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Special Edition: Spreading Good News

October 14 @ 12:56 pm

When we are saturated with a constant stream of news, it becomes difficult to clearly see the positives.  To help spread good news, I am sending you—friends and family of the Sisters—this uplifting message of hope. I ask you to consider sharing it with 10 of your family and friends, especially those with small children in their lives.

On Saturday, October 10, Carlo Acutis will be beatified.  He died in 2006 at the age of 15 and his story is truly amazing!  The child of non-practicing Catholics, he was captivated by the love of Jesus and Mary at a very young age, and brought his mother back to the Church with his questions about them.  After his first communion at the age of seven, he never missed Mass for a single day.  He could not help but tell everyone around him about his best Friend, Jesus, leading them closer to Him.

Since we work primarily with children and youth, sharing his amazing life is natural to us.  As a part of our free online course Cultivating the Virtues | God Gives the Growth, the Sisters produced this video on the life of Blessed Carlo Acutis.  When the Sisters showed it to me, I loved it and wanted this story to be told to countless people, especially young people.  We need good and inspiring news!  And a patron of the Internet!

Please be assured of our prayers for you. Thank you for joining with us in spreading this inspirational media by forwarding this email to 10 of your friends or family.

Gratefully in Christ,

P.S.  And pray for us, that God will grace us with having helped to raise up many young saints, like Carlo!