The 2021-2022 academic year began with the Sisters ready to serve at JSerra Catholic High School for a third year! After spending the past two years commuting to the school, the Sisters were thrilled and grateful to move in mid-October to a convent next to JSerra’s campus. They are tremendously grateful to the school’s board of directors and generous benefactors who made the new convent possible. In January, after fully moving in, the Sisters welcomed Mother Amata Veritas, Sr. Mary Michael, and Sr. Louis Marie to join them and friends of JSerra for the blessing of the convent! Bishop Thanh Thai Nguyen, auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Orange, came to celebrate the first Mass in the new convent chapel, and walked throughout the entire convent blessing every room! 

One of the blessings of being so close to the school is the ability to attend more student activities. Highlights for the Sisters this year have been going to athletic games, choir concerts, and campus ministry events. Throughout the year, the Sisters led ten students through RCIA, enabling them to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist at the Easter Vigil. They have also continued implementing a virtue program begun last year, teaching students to practice individual virtues such as courtesy, kindness, and magnanimity. 

Academics have, of course, played a huge part in the Sisters’ time at school this year. In Biology, Sr. Miriam conducted a flipped classroom with video lectures for students at home, with labs and activities at school. She loved the chance to spend more one-on-one time with individual students throughout the day, and shared many laughs with her classes! Sr. Mary André appreciated the opportunity to take her Theology II classes to the chapel once a week – seeing her students spend time in silence with Jesus in the Eucharist. Between teaching freshman and junior English, Sr. Maria Catherine was in her element as she guided her classes through literature such as The Odyssey and The Scarlet Letter. Amid telling the human story in World and U.S. History, Sr. John Michael took on her students in geography challenges throughout the year – competing to see who could name the most countries. Final score: Students 5; Sister 4.

Other highlights outside of school have included exploring the hiking and biking trails around San Juan Capistrano, going on a whale watching trip, perfecting corn-hole skills, and singing for friends and benefactors on various occasions! The Sisters can only begin to express their gratitude to God for the wonderful blessings He has given them this year. They pray to continue to listen to the Holy Spirit as He guides them and the people they meet towards greater holiness!

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