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The Sisters have returned to the great city of Chicago for the 9th year of their teaching mission at St. Ignatius College Prep. Four Sisters are currently teaching at St. Ignatius with Sr. Mary Esther and Sr. Mary Ignatius in the Theology Department, Sr. Maria Canisius teaching History, and Sr. Isaac Marie teaching Chemistry and Physics. The Sisters reside at St. Procopius Convent on the campus of St. Procopius Catholic Church in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.

Located in the town of Worthington, Ohio, in the northern suburbs of Columbus, St. Michael Convent is the home of six Sisters this year serving at St. Michael School. With Sr. John Paul as Principal, five additional Sisters join the mission of the school: Sr. Mary Vianney (Middle School Religion), Sr. Chiara Luce (2nd Grade), Sr. Teresa Paul (K-5 Religion), Sr. Mary Regina (Administrative Assistant), and Sr. Maria Rosario (Catechesis of the Good Shepherd).

This year, the Sisters are in studies at the Catholic University of America campus residing at the Theological College nearby. Sr. John Mary is continuing her studies in Canon Law, and Sr. Hyacinth is beginning an ecclesiastical theology degree under the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies.

The number of Sisters residing at Our Lady of Guadalupe Priory continues to exceed the other mission convents by far! Seven Sisters are teaching at three different Catholic schools in the Diocese of Austin: Sr. Pio Maria and Sr. Mary Consolata at St. Helen Catholic School in Georgetown; Sr. Teresa Benedicta, Sr. Mary Avila, and Sr. Amata Christi at Holy Family Catholic School in Austin; and Sr. Martin Therese and Sr. Peter Grace at St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School in Austin. Several Sisters are full-time students studying theology and philosophy through Franciscan University’s online program. This year also brought a new prioress, Sr. Teresa Christi, and she and Sr. Mary Theresa, Sr. Emmanuel, and several other sisters engage in the work of running the Priory and other community endeavors. Sr. Mary Theresa continues to work on the plans for the Priory’s permanent Assumption Chapel and Sr. Emmanuel contributes to the community’s Education in Virtue apostolate. 

The Sisters are returning once again to serve at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School in Findlay, Ohio, in the Diocese of Toledo. The Sisters reside at the St. Michael Convent, and include Sr. Mary Dominic (4th Grade), Sr. Cora Rose (5th Grade), Sr. Fulton Marie (1st Grade), and Sr. Mary Bethany (Kindergarten).

Five Sisters returned to Our Lady of Walsingham Convent to serve the Houston area. Sr. Elizabeth John and Sr. Mary Philomena both teach high school theology courses as faculty members of St. John XXIII College Preparatory in Katy, Texas. Sr. Albert Marie is joined by Sr. Maria Frassati at the University of St. Thomas. Both Sisters serve as core fellows and teach theology courses (Sr. Albert Marie) and English courses (Sr. Maria Frassati), respectively. Sr. Thomas Aquinas also resides at Our Lady of Walsingham Convent.

Our Sisters recently moved into their new JSerra Convent in San Juan Capistrano, and continue to teach at JSerra Catholic High School. Sr. Miriam serves in an administrative role this year as Director of Curriculum and is joined by three Sisters on faculty: Sr. Rene Noel and Sr. Mary Gabriel in Theology, and Sr. Maria Catherine in English.

The Sisters are pleased to return to St. Michael the Archangel High School in Lee’s Summit, in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri! This year, Sr. Katharine Rose is teaching in English and serving the school as the Director of Faith Formation. Sr. Stephen Patrick serves as Department Chair and teaches Science, Sr. Mary Aquinas teaches Mathematics and Sr. Mary Elizabeth teaches Theology. The Sisters reside at St. Michael the Archangel Convent in Independence, Missouri.

We return to our home at Resurrection Convent, located on the campus of Resurrection Catholic Church in Lansing, Michigan. Sr. Anthony Marie (Middle School Math and Science) and Sr. Mary Lawrence (2nd Grade) teach at Resurrection Catholic School, and Sr. Teresa Marie (English), Sr. Irenaeus (Biology and Health), and Sr. James Karol (Math and Physics) teach at Lansing Catholic High School.

The Sisters have returned for over 10 years of teaching at Marin Catholic High School in Kentfield, California, of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Sr. Peter Joseph (Theology), Sr. Maria Suso (English), Sr. Karol Joseph (Mathematics), and Sr. John Michael (History) serve as faculty members and reside at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Convent in Mill Valley, California.

The Sisters at St. Jude Convent in Peoria, Illinois, serve as one of our largest mission convents in the country! With a total of seven Sisters, the Peoria mission continues to be a place of vitality and enthusiasm in Catholic schools. At St. Jude Catholic School, Sr. Maria Christi continues as Principal, and Sr. Mary Andre (Middle School Religion), Sr. Faustina Thomas (5th Grade Religion and Middle School Aide), Sr. Imelda Marie (2nd Grade) and Sr. Theresita (Kindergarten) serve on faculty at St. Jude’s. Sr. Agnes Paulina (Department Chair and Biology Teacher) and Sr. Catherine Thomas (Theology) teach at nearby Peoria Notre Dame High School.

We are happy to be returning to our long-standing teaching assignments in the Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona! Our Sisters reside at St. Thomas the Apostle Convent, located on the St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church campus. We have three Sisters teaching at St. Mary Catholic High School, Sr. Maria Rose (Theology), Sr. Karol Augustine (Math), and Sr. Maria Jerome (Physics). Three Sisters are also teaching at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School: Sr. Michael Vincent (History), Sr. Mary Concepta (Math), and Sr. Maria Gemma (3rd Grade). Sr. Rose is continuing her studies at Sonoran University of Health Sciences and in residence at the St. Thomas Convent.

Living at St. Hyacinth Convent in Glen Head, New York, the Sisters teach in the Diocese of Rockville Centre at St. Mary’s College Prep High School and St. Mary’s Elementary School in Manhasset. At the high school, Sr. Mary Magdalene teaches Spanish and Sr. Monica Marie teaches Theology and serves in Campus Ministry. Sr. Agnes Maria (Middle School History) and Sr. Lucy Fidelis (Middle School Math) teach at St. Mary’s Elementary School.

Four Sisters reside at the Casa Santa Maria Convent in Rome. Sr. Maria is the Director of Administration at the Angelicum and is joined this year by Sr. Maria Veritas, who also serves in an administrative role. Sr. Maria Jose and Sr. Dominica support the mission of the libraries at the North American College and the Casa Santa Maria.

The Sisters returned to Sacramento to reside at Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Convent and teach at the school. Sr. Immaculata teaches Middle School Religion and Science, Sr. Victoria Marie teaches Middle School Math and Science, Sr. Mary Margaret teaches 4th Grade, and Sr. Mary Bernard teaches 2nd Grade.

The Sisters reside at St. Isaac Jogues Convent, located in the northern suburb of Detroit, St. Clair Shores. Sr. Maria Guadalupe serves as the Principal of St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School, and Sr. Mary Jacinta (Middle School Math and 5th Grade), Sr. Anne Raphael (2nd Grade) and Sr. Zelie Marie (1st Grade) serve as faculty members of the school.

The Sisters continue to serve in the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis and teach at St. Agnes School in the Frogtown neighborhood of St. Paul. Sr. Simeon Marie teaches high school History, Sr. Gianna Marie teaches 6th Grade, Sr. Mary Martha teaches 4th Grade, and Sr. Maria Karol teaches 1st Grade.

The parish of St. Louis Catholic Church in Waco, Texas, is again sponsoring the presence of the Dominican Sisters at the St. Louis Convent. The Sisters teach at Bishop Louis Reicher Catholic School, a classical K-12 school in Waco. Sr. Maximilian Marie teaches High School Theology and Humanities electives, Sr. Maria Benedicta teaches Human Letters, Sr. Maria Francisco teaches Middle School Math and Religion, and Sr. Mary Rita teaches 2nd Grade.

The Sisters reside at Franciscan House in Weirton, West Virginia, as they continue their studies at nearby Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. Several Sisters are studying and earning degrees in education and theology: Sr. Catherine Paul, Sr. Josefa, Sr. Maria Diana, Sr. Joseph Lucia, Sr. Daniel Albert, and Sr. Maria Paula. Sr. Peter Thomas is in residence at


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