In the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, the Sisters help students to “Know Truth, Love God, and Serve Others” at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic High School. While this goal is accomplished most often through daily interactions in teaching Theology, Math, English, and Science, the opportunities for prayer and fellowship outside the classroom have been highlights this year!

Our student servers and sacristans joyfully prepared to welcome the Blessed Sacrament into each hallway for the school’s first-ever Eucharistic Procession during Catholic Schools’ Week. Sr. Isaac Marie and Sr. Peter Grace accompanied a group of students on the pilgrimage to Washington, DC for the annual March for Life, and all four of the Sisters enjoyed the road trip to Ann Arbor for the Vocation Discernment Retreat.

During the pandemic, modern technology enabled the school to provide spiritual formation alongside academic instruction. While the Sisters adjusted to preparing video lessons and hosting virtual class meetings, they also participated in the school’s Nightly Rosary on social media and helped organize a week-long Virtual Retreat. We are grateful to serve such a vibrant school community in the Kansas City area.

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