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DVD now available.

March 31 @ 3:44 am

What are the virtues? And how can we learn to live them at any age?

The Disciple of Christ-Education in Virtue: Mini-Series is now available to order on DVD.

After being asked to share their experience and practical tools for teaching and imparting a plan to bring the virtues to the wider population, the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist have created Disciple of Christ, Education in Virtue: Mini-Series.  Originally aired on EWTN, this series is now available to order on DVD.

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This DVD includes:

Happiness is Living a Virtuous Life | Foundation for Moral Formation in Character
Education in Virtue focuses on the development of the whole person and equips one to strive for happiness while pursing the good. Educating in virtue is essential for character formation and living a life of freedom and grace. The value of living the virtuous life is that we become the person God created us to be. To be fully alive, fully human in the pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Theological & Moral Virtues | Gifts of the Holy Spirit | Cultivating Virtue to Battle Sin
This episode focuses on the theological and cardinal virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit, as well as the very reality that every person battles against sin. At Baptism, God freely bestows upon the Christian, the theological and cardinal (moral) virtues and gift of the Holy Spirit. By understanding the meaning of the virtues and gifts one is better equipped to respond to God’s love and grace. Every person battles against sin. Cultivating a life of virtue gives on the ability to break the pattern of sin and enables one to put order and harmony in one’s life.

Lectio Divina | How to Teach Virtue
This episode of Education in Virtue introduces Lectio Divina as a means to cultivating an interior life in order to live virtuously. Lectio Divina is the prayerful reading of Scripture. This encounter with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, will show you how a life of virtue becomes an interior habit, a way of life, which enables you to be more open to the Holy Spirit, allowing you to make your own personal commitment to live as a disciple of Christ. From there we are shown a tutorial on teaching virtue in a classroom, home and to a community at large.

Culture of Virtue | About the Products
In this episode we learn how to create a culture of virtue, as a way of life, to enhance the Catholic identity. This episode concludes with an explanation of how the viewer can implement the Education in Virtue program into one’s own life.