Since the days of Saint Dominic, Dominicans have dedicated themselves to preaching and teaching. In addition to their work in the classroom, the Sisters in Lansing recently had the opportunity to give a variety of talks.

At Beloved, a gathering for young women that took place at Lansing Catholic High School, Sister Maria Suso spoke on “Crushing Envy with Charity.” She defined the problem of envy, which is sadness at another’s good, and pointed out how common and tragic it is. She explained that envy is caused from forgetting key truths: we are all on the “same team,” the goods of this world are relative, and our core desire is really God’s love and attention, which He is always ready to give! She finished with practical advice, especially on how to acknowledge and offer to God the emotion of envy when we experience it.

For the Beloved gathering during Holy Week, Sister Irenaeus shared her reflections on the beauty of this particular time in the liturgical year. She explained that the Church gives us many ways to enter into the life of Christ through the Liturgy. From the simplicity and penance of Lent to Easter’s light, glory, and joy, we journey with Jesus throughout the year. She pointed out that sometimes teens are like Joseph of Arimathea – secretly a disciple – and sometimes they are John the Apostle, faithful under the Cross. Sister emphasized that no matter where they find themselves, Holy Week can be an opportunity to have a profound and personal encounter with the Lord.

At the Church of the Resurrection, Sister Mary Gabriel and Sister Mary Lawrence were invited to lead one of the Lenten Retreats for the women of the parish. Knowing many of the attendees were moms with young children and retirees who volunteer generously in the parish, Sister Mary Gabriel spoke on the theme “Holiness in Daily Life” and focused on ways to grow closer to the Lord without having to commit extra time out of one’s day. She talked about what holiness is, assured the women that the Lord wants holiness for each of them, gave practical suggestions on how to grow in union with God while doing ordinary daily tasks, and shared quotes from saints to encourage the women that growth in holiness is always within reach, thanks to God’s ever-present grace.

In her talk on the virtue of hope, Sister Mary Lawrence highlighted how important this often-neglected virtue is. She explained that hope is one of the three Theological Virtues we received at our Baptism, so we all have it—but God desires to continuously cultivate it in us. We hope in God to give us the divine assistance needed for anything possible to us, and we lean on Him to give us various goods we perceive we need. Ultimately, however, we hope that God will give us Himself: the infinite Good. God cannot help but love us because God is love. This is a reason to hope!

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