Final Professed

Sr. Mary Samuel O.P., Memphis, TN
Sr. Joseph Andrew O.P., Oak Ridge, TN
Sr. John Dominic O.P., Nashville, TN
Sr. Mary Theresa O.P., Oak Ridge, TN
Sr. Maria Faustina O.P., Baltimore, MD
Sr. Mary Joseph O.P., Ann Arbor, MI
Sr. John Mary O.P., Cortlandt Manor, NY
Sr. Ave Maria O.P., Irish Hills, MI
Sr. Mary Magdalene O.P., Chicago, IL
Sr. Mary David O.P., Woodstock, IL
Sr. Mary Annunciata O.P., Jamestown, ND
Sr. Teresa Benedicta O.P., Los Lunas, NM
Sr. Maria Gemma O.P., Denver, CO
Sr. Elizabeth Ann O.P., New Orleans, LA
Sr. John Paul O.P., Princeton, NJ
Sr. Martin Thérèse O.P., Chatham, ON, Canada
Sr. Maria Christi O.P., Madison, WI
Sr. Emmanuel O.P., Gresham, OR
Sr. Thomas Aquinas O.P., Houston, TX
Sr. Mary Jacinta O.P., Ann Arbor, MI
Sr. Maximilian Marie O.P., Bend, OR
Sr. Amata Veritas O.P., Sioux Falls, SD
Sr. Maria Guadalupe O.P., Boston, MA
Sr. Mary Margaret O.P., Denver, CO
Sr. Maria Frassati O.P., Marseilles, IL
Sr. Mary Elizabeth O.P., Rochester, NY
Sr. Maria Rose O.P., Hershey, PA
Sr. Mary Cecilia O.P., Toronto, ON, Canada
Sr. Mary Michael O.P., Kingsport, TN
Sr. Joseph Maria O.P., Rochester, NY
Sr. Mary Grace O.P., Lombard, IL
Sr. Hyacinth O.P., Ottawa, ON, Canada
Sr. Jude Andrew O.P., Portland, OR
Sr. Maria Rosario O.P., Denton, TX
Sr. Mary John O.P., Jasper, IN
Sr. Mary Gabriel, O.P., Austin, TX
Sr. Victoria Marie O.P., Albuquerque, NM
Sr. Mary Regina O.P., Austin, TX
Sr. Albert Marie O.P., Burford, ON, Canada
Sr. Maria Kolbe O.P., Earl Park, IN
Sr. Catherine Marie O.P., Bakersfield, CA
Sr. Stephen Patrick O.P., Huntsville, AL
Sr. Maria Fatima O.P., Pawtucket, RI
Sr. Maris Stella O.P., Whitehorse, YT, Canada
Sr. Michael Vincent O.P., Thousand Oaks, CA
Sr. Maria José O.P., El Paso, TX
Sr. Miriam O.P., Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Sr. Mariana O.P., Tallahassee, FL
Sr. Agnes Maria O.P., Chula Vista, CA
Sr. Mary Rita O.P., Toledo, OH
Sr. Imelda Marie O.P., Madison, WI
Sr. Maria O.P., Bronx, NY
Sr. Maria Catherine O.P., Houston, TX
Sr. Catherine Thomas O.P., Houston, TX
Sr. Teresa Paul O.P., Saltsburg, PA
Sr. Louis Marie O.P., Cedar Rapids, IA
Sr. Maria Miguel O.P., Elmore, OH
Sr. Mary Philomena O.P., Johnson City, NY
Sr. Teresa Christi O.P., St. Louis, MO
Sr. Elizabeth John O.P., Scottsdale, AZ
Sr. Mary Ignatius O.P., Des Moines, IA
Sr. Mary Lawrence O.P., Great Falls, VA
Sr. Immaculata O.P., Tehachapi, CA
Sr. Gianna Marie O.P., Walnut Creek, CA

Temporary Professed

Sr. Maria Jerome O.P., Helena, MT
Sr. Christiana O.P., Houston, TX
Sr. Mary Perpetua O.P., Chino Hills, CA
Sr. Clare Marie O.P., Hamilton, ON, Canada
Sr. Dominica O.P., Buffalo, New York
Sr. Veronica Marie O.P., Paw Paw, MI
Sr. Maria Suso O.P., Clearwater, FL
Sr. Isaac Marie O.P., Avila, IN
Sr. Maria Canisius O.P., Marshalltown, IA
Sr. Maria Veritas O.P., New York, NY
Sr. Mary Martha O.P., Baton Rouge, LA
Sr. Peter Joseph O.P., Waco, TX
Sr. Peter Thomas O.P., The Woodlands, TX
Sr. Rose O.P., Frazee, MN
Sr. Maria Karol O.P., Rolla, MO
Sr. Marie Bernadette O.P., Maybee, MI
Sr. Rene Noel O.P., Flagstaff, AZ
Sr. Athanasius O.P., Nashua, NH
Sr. Mercedes O.P., Brooklyn, NY
Sr. Pio Maria O.P., Worcester, MA
Sr. Marie Jeannette O.P., Davidson, NC
Sr. John Michael O.P., Richmond, MO
Sr. Mary Dolores O.P., Santa Barbara, CA
Sr. Juan José O.P., Oxnard, CA
Sr. Mary Esther O.P., Clive, IA
Sr. Peter Grace O.P., Grand Rapids, MI
Sr. Mary André O.P., Ann Arbor, MI
Sr. Irenaeus O.P., Thorntown, IN
Sr. Mary Jordan O.P., Binghamton, NY
Sr. Chiara Luce O.P., Columbiaville, MI
Sr. Mary Bernard O.P., Warrentown, VA
Sr. Gabriella O.P., Friendswood, TX
Sr. Mary Consolata O.P., Ave Maria, FL
Sr. Theresita O.P., Fairport, NY
Sr. Mary Dominic O.P., Winona, MN
Sr. Maria Benedicta O.P., Beavercreek, OH
Sr. Mary Bethany O.P., Stockton, CA


Sr. Mary Aquinas, Houston, TX
Sr. Agnes Paulina, Stanton, CA
Sr. Magdalena, Auburn, CA
Sr. Anthony Marie, Long Beach, CA
Sr. Cora Rose, Corallis, OR
Sr. Katharine Rose, Phoenix, AZ
Sr. Mary Concepta, Kalamazoo, MI
Sr. Lucy Fidelis, Wichita, KS
Sr. Monica Marie, Round Rock, TX
Sr. Maria Reginald, Austin, TX
Sr. Teresa Casey, Rochester Hills, MI
Sr. Karol Joseph, Englewood, CO
Sr. Simeon Marie, Annapolis, MD
Sr. Mary Avila, Keller, TX
Sr. Paul Marie, Aberdeen, SD
Sr. Teresa Marie, Temecula, CA
Sr. Marie Vianney, Fort Wayne, IN
Sr. Basil Marie, Austin, TX

Our New Postulants

We wish a warm welcome to the young women who have just begun the great adventure of religious life!

Postulant Stories

Sr. Rebecca

Sr. Rebecca

It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I really started to grow in my faith and live it…

I went on a retreat, and while one of the other students was giving a talk about discernment, I saw a couple of Religious Sisters walk through the door. This was my first time ever seeing Religious, so I was totally in awe of them. A week after the retreat one of the FOCUS missionaries on campus got a group of girls together to go to Vespers with some Sisters. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, not even knowing what “Vespers” meant. When we arrived at the convent, I realized that these Sisters were from the same order that I had met on the retreat! If that wasn’t enough, about 2 weeks later, a friend invited me to go on a discernment retreat with her. With no reason not to, I agreed, and, we went to the retreat center. Suddenly, I see countless Sisters in white walking around! By this point I was beginning to realize what the Lord was doing. Although I had never met a Religious in my entire life before this, suddenly I had come in contact with the same ones three times within a month! I told the Lord “okay” and began discerning with the Dominican Sisters of Mary. Throughout my discernment the Lord has blessed me with so many graces and shown me the beauty of a deeper trust and love of Him. I am so grateful to God for the gift of my vocation!

Sr. Catherine

Sr. Catherine

I grew up in a Catholic household of ten, raised in the faith by my mother, who taught me everything I know…

When I was young, I had a dream of Jesus with outstretched arms, beckoning me to come follow Him. This powerful image stayed with me growing up and led me to my vocation, serving as a reminder that Jesus wanted me to follow His Will. My sister joined the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist when I was nine years old. When I would visit her at the convent, I felt at home and was always intrigued by the joy of the sisters around me. I began to discern at about eleven years old and, though I did not feel worthy of the call, it was always in my heart and mind. When I was twelve, I made a promise to God that I would enter if it were His Will for me. Though I struggled to hang on to that promise, it was on retreat with the sisters that I really felt safe and secure in His Love for me. It became evident to me that, regardless of all my faults, the Lord was asking me to make a leap of faith into His arms. I once told my mom that whenever I grew in my faith, I felt the pull towards religious life growing stronger.  I am excited to grow in my love for the Lord throughout the rest of my life.

Sr. Caitlin

Sr. Caitlin

While I have frequently failed in pursuing a devout life, I have always wanted to grow closer to our Lord and to serve His people…

In high school, I started going to daily Mass. It was there that I really began discerning a religious vocation. Through much prayer and strong Catholic friendships, my relationship with God deepened. I came to know that the Lord was calling me to be totally His and to sacrifice myself in love to Him, just as spouses do for one another. I had discerned with a similar community of Dominicans and was blessed to go on their vocation retreat. While I liked their life, I felt that I did not really fit in there. Recognizing this, I decided to look into the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, whom I had avoided merely because the Motherhouse is in frigid Michigan! After getting in touch with the Sisters, I found myself signing up for the April retreat just 10 days before it started. Arriving at the retreat, I immediately felt at home with the Sisters. Taking this to prayer, Christ helped me to realize that the Community would truly help me to become a saint and win many other souls for God! I quickly got all of my paperwork to Sr. Joseph Andrew; and on Pentecost I learned I had been accepted!

Sr. Cecilia

Sr. Cecilia

In college, I started asking God what he wanted me to do with my life…

He surprised me with the idea of religious life; I instantly ran away from it. The more I ran away from the idea, the clearer the call became until He made it so clear I could not run away any longer. Upon graduating I had everything I ever wanted. I had my Aerospace degree, my private pilot’s license, and my dream engineering job. I thought that once I had all these things I’d worked so hard for I’d be happy! I was very happy and grateful, but I felt like something was missing. I was thirsting for something these things couldn’t satisfy. I decided to take that year to really discern what God was calling me to do with my life. As soon as I did, God put a lot of people in my life (most of them from St. Martin of Tours) pointing me to the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist. I went to the discernment retreat and fell in love with the Community and the joy of the Sisters. God has been so gentle leading me here!

Sr. Johanna

My vocation story truly shows the persistence of ‘the call,’ which started in my teens and continued all throughout my twenties, growing louder and more intense as the years went on, somewhat like a dripping tap, continuous and steady…

However, fear and embarrassment led me to conceal it from my family and nearly all of my friends. Also, the absence of Religious in habits in Australia meant that for some time I had no appreciation of what exactly I was being called to. Once I became aware that there were traditional Communities that were attracting young vocations, even though they were in the United States, I was presented with a real possibility. Admittedly, I came close to being a perpetual discerner, however, a wise Melbourne priest pulled no punches and told me I would be foolish not to investigate this. This led me to the Dominican Sisters of Mary, whom I had stumbled upon years earlier and had ‘followed’ with interest via their website and Facebook. When I experienced a week with the Community, I fully appreciated the beauty and balance of the life and the goodness and humour of the Sisters. After that, the inner struggle and question of whether or not I would enter finally disappeared.

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