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How Will You Enter into Lent this Year?

February 12 @ 4:14 pm

As we approach Ash Wednesday, we ask for the intercession of our Lady to help us ponder with her the mysteries of her Son’s sacred Passion, Death, and Resurrection. Here are some resources that can help you enter into this solemn, holy season of Lent more deeply this year. 

“How do you nail God to a cross? There’s only one way for God to get on a cross: He has to want to be there.” -Fr. John Riccardo

Listen in on our own Lumen Ecclesiae Digital to hear how God’s salvific plan includes you and how each of us has a responsibility to spread this Good News throughout the world.


“The gaze of contemplative prayer transforms us by the loving knowledge of Christ that it brings. It is a form of wordless prayer and attentiveness to God, in which we just enjoy being with Him.” (Echoing the Mystery, pg. 444)

Suggestion: Meditating on the scriptures is a wonderful way to enter more deeply into the life of Christ and the Pascal Mystery. Two traditional ways to mediate on Christ’s Paschal Mystery are:


“Voluntary self-denial (asceticism) detaches us from sin and strengthens our will to love the things of God. It is the athletic training of the spiritual life.” (Echoing the Mystery, pg. 442)

Suggestion: A part of self-denial can be the practice of virtues, such as moderation or orderliness. We invite you to look at the virtues and determine how you might better practice them in your day-to-day life this Lent. Click here


“Acts of sacrifice are done to cling to God in communion of holiness. By these, we give our life to God. (Echoing the Mystery, pg. 483) 

Suggestion: While Almsgiving traditionally encourages giving monetarily to the poor and needy, it can also include sacrifices of time or talent. Below are some creative ideas of how to practice almsgiving this penitential season:

  • Commit to tithing 10% of your income to charity this Lent 
  • Give your time to the Lord by spending 10-15 minutes (or more) every day in prayer, spiritual reading, and /or starting a prayer journal  
  • Limit your time on media and use that time for others (helping around the house, family time, etc.) 
  • Volunteer for a charitable organization (soup kitchen, homeless shelter, parish, etc.) 

If you are inspired to support the Dominican Sisters of Mary as part of your Lenten almsgiving, you can donate here. We thank you for considering us, and know that you remain in our prayers! 

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