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God Plants the Seeds – 12 New Postulants!

September 10 @ 2:38 pm

Our garden is growing! On August 22, the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, we received 12 new Postulants into our community. Every year on entrance day, we are reminded that each Sister’s radical response to the unfathomable love of God is unique and personal. We thank God as we welcome these new vocations for Mother Church. They, like perennial blooms, were showered with grace and nurtured by the maternal hands of Mary, the Queen Mother!

Addressing our newest Sisters and their families at the entrance ceremony, Mother Assumpta referred to the Dominican Cross Pendant they received, stating, “It seems appropriate to welcome our Sisters by giving them a cross. He demands a lot of faith and trust! He will always be faithful. The followers of Christ can expect the cross.”

All vocations, especially that of a religious vocation, require the nurturing attention and gentle care of a master gardener in today’s culture. We entrust each of our new Sisters to the hands of Mary, the Mystical Rose, whose body sustained and nourished the Son of God, and whose heart intimately knows the mystery of the Cross. The beauty of a rose is not without thorns!

Please pray for our new Postulants and for more vocations to the Universal Church. Be assured of our prayers for you!