Sr. Elizabeth Ann is serving in her fourth year at Fr. Gabriel Richard High School (FGR) and in her second year as Instructional Leader for the Theology Department. Sr. Agnes Paulina joined the faculty this year, teaching math and chemistry.

One highlight of the 2019 – 2020 school year at Father Gabriel Richard was the inauguration of an annual day honoring Saint John Paul II. This twentieth century Polish saint was the inspiration for the founding of our community and is an exemplary model for young people. Sr. Agnes Paulina, who emigrated from Poland as a teenager, has a special love for this saint and was especially excited to be part of the planning for the first celebration. However, this event, along with some many others of this utterly unique school year, was completely overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The move to online learning brought new challenges for both students and teachers. Every spare parlor and study room at the Motherhouse became a virtual classroom as all the Sisters strove to continue instruction at all costs despite the unique challenges.

One particular concern for FGR’s high school teachers was how to make the graduating seniors feel loved and special during their final few weeks of school. While many old traditions went unfulfilled, new traditions took their place! The Sisters gladly participated in the “We love FGR Seniors” social media campaign on the day Prom would have been held, as well as the carefully socially distanced Senior Parade in the school parking lot. There have been many blessings and lessons during the pandemic, but the Sisters are looking forward to seeing their students in person in the fall. 

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