The Sisters’ second year as a mission convent at St. Michael the Archangel parish and school in Findlay was filled with joys flowing ultimately from the Source of all joy, our Eucharistic Lord. It is impossible to catalog all of them, but here are a few this year held.  

  1. The joy of seeing our students’ faces!
    After teaching the previous year in masks, it was wonderful to greet our students face to face this August at the start of school. With Sister Gianna Marie teaching 7th and 8th grade (social studies and religion), Sister Cora Rose in 5th grade, Sister Chiara Luce in 1st grade, and Sister Mary Bethany in Kindergarten, the Sisters shared the joy of encountering Christ with a variety of ages…and came home each day with plenty of humorous anecdotes supplied by their students!
  2. The joy of getting to know the Diocese of Toledo
    With the return to the typical range of events within the school, parish, and diocesan community, the Sisters have been blessed to participate more fully in the life of the local church here in the Diocese of Toledo, shepherded by Bishop Daniel Thomas. Highlights include visiting the Religious Sisters of Mercy in Alma and the Visitation Nuns of Toledo, participating in a variety of vocations events at neighboring parishes, and taking part in the first stage of the diocesan synodal process.
  3. The joy of discovering the treasure of the Mass
    Spurred on by the Eucharistic hunger of their own students, our Sisters took part in several initiatives to inspire greater love for Jesus in the Eucharist and for the Holy Mass. These included the formation of the Sacristan Servants of the Altar Society for the middle school young women, sacristy and church tours provided by the priests, and March’s Mass Appreciation Month.

“In Adoration you feel alive, you feel loved, and you wake up from sin and open your eyes…” These words written by one of Sister Gianna Marie’s 8th graders capture the treasure of Jesus’ Presence with us in the Eucharist – a treasure that the Sisters and their students continue to discover anew each day. May the Lord continue to pour out the abundant treasure of His love upon the souls in northwest Ohio!

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