Texas Expansion

At the dawn of the third millennium, Pope John Paul II called the Church to “take up her evangelizing mission with fresh enthusiasm,” and to “open wide the doors to Christ!”

Texas Expansion

We are building a new Religious House (large convent) in Texas in order to assist the diocese with the mission of educating current and future generations of Catholic schoolchildren.

 August 2009 → Eight Sisters arrived in the Diocese of Austin upon the invitation of then Bishop Gregory Aymond with the goal of building a new Religious House (large convent) and assisting the diocese with the mission of educating current and future generations of Catholic schoolchildren. Since our arrival, the Dominican Sisters of Mary have been working at a branch of the Sisters’ Mission Advancement Office located at the Diocesan Pastoral Center to develop and implement the plan for the community’s expansion into the area. They have also been teaching in three diocesan schools at both the elementary and high school levels: Santa Cruz Catholic School in Buda, and Holy Family Catholic School and St. Dominic Savio High School in North Austin. The Sisters deeply appreciate the welcome and enthusiastic support of so many in Central Texas, including, most importantly, the current Bishop, the Most Reverend Joe Vásquez.

 Fall 2011 → Purchase of land.  In the fall of 2011, through the assistance of generous benefactors, the Sisters purchased 60.4 acre tract of land in northeast Austin, near Georgetown on the San Gabriel River. There is ample room on the site to build sufficient housing, and it is ideally located for the community to serve schools throughout Central Texas.

 October 6, 2012 → Blessing of the Texas property and entrustment of our project to Our Lady.

 September 2013 → Completed the construction of our temporary mission convent:  In September of 2013 we achieved our first major project milestone by completing the construction of our previously announced temporary mission convent on the site. Moving into the home allows a group of our Texas Sisters to live in community and work on-site to oversee the larger Religious House project and support the community’s Texas development efforts. In addition to this convent – which eventually may be used as a guest house or chaplain residence – the Sisters will continue to maintain their current houses in North Austin and Buda.

 September 21, 2013 → Blessing of our mission convent.  On September 21, we were honored by the presence of Bishop Joe Vásquez of the Diocese of Austin and Bishop Michael Mulvey of Corpus Christi as they celebrated the Rite of Blessing for this mission convent.

 December 2014 → Blessing of the Texas Religious House Prayer Garden

Circle of Faith

The Circle of Faith is comprised of individuals and families who want to partner with us in our mission to build up the Body of Christ through a New Evangelization by building a Religious House for our Sisters in Central Texas.

Please join us in praying that we may carry out the Lord’s will in all our endeavors.

Heavenly Father, please send your Holy Spirit to enlighten, guide and direct all our efforts as we begin planning to build a Religious House in Texas. Spurred on by love of neighbor and love of Divine Truth, we desire to build not only a Religious House, but more importantly, to build up the Body of Christ for generations to come. Grant that our Religious House may become a source of leaven and joy in this region.

May it support the mission of Catholic education and impact the Church through the visible witness of lives of total dedication to Christ. May all our words and actions be done for your greater glory. Our Lady of Guadalupe, our Mother, and St. Joseph, intercede for us in this petition.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Members of the Circle of Faith make an annual commitment to support the Dominican Sisters of Mary Texas Expansion through a financial contribution and/or a significant gift of time or talent, such as volunteering for our Fall or Spring Event or hosting a gathering.

For more information or to sign up, please download the following forms:

Texas Religious House Prayer Garden

After the Convent Blessing in September 2013, an Austin couple who are among our closest supporters expressed interest in helping us with the outdoor prayer garden that is part of our site plan. We were excited to accept their offer because it moves our project along and brings us even closer to the actual building of the Religious House.

Through the generosity of our benefactors, we raised the funds for the large central crucifix at our first annual “Open Wide the Doors” Golf Tournament, Dinner and Auction in March 2014. Design on the remainder of the two acre space began in April 2014, and by September 2014 the stakes were placed marking the location of the 14 Stations of the Cross as well as the central Crucifix, walkways and seating areas. The space is scheduled for completion by the end of October, and the Stations and Crucifix should be installed the first week of November.

We’re excited to be taking this step which moves our project along and brings us even closer to the actual building of the Religious House.
The completion of the Prayer Garden will allow for even greater opportunities to evangelize God’s people, by providing central Texans with a place to immerse themselves in silence and in beauty, in order to pray and grow closer to Christ. What a joy it will bring to the Heart of Jesus to see school children, youth groups, families and friends, contemplate His Passion and yearn to love Him as He loves us.

Texas Religious House Prayer Garden Construction

Call For Giving

You can support the mission and apostolates of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist in a variety of ways.
Regardless of your form of support, please know of our tremendous gratitude for your generosity. We pray in a special way each Friday for our many supporters!
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