A message from Mother Amata Veritas

With heart-felt joy, our community celebrates 25 years of 1997 God’s tremendous generosity as we “remember the wonders the Lord has done” (Ps 105) since our four foundresses answered the call to begin a new community of religious women to preach and teach in the Dominican tradition.

While our courageous founding Sisters trusted in God’s Providence, they had no assurance of what lay ahead – where the community would be established, whether other women would join them, and to what “divine assignments” God would call them. Fast forward 25 years and one cannot help but marvel over what He has wrought through their assent and wonder what this beautiful, solid foundation will lead to in the next 25 years!

Despite the darkness in our world today and the ever-increasing challenges of imparting the Faith to the students entrusted to us, we know God is ever faithful. Our only fitting response is to serve Him as faithful daughters of the Church. With confidence in His goodness, we begin each day with Him in the chapel, to be filled to overflowing and to step forward with joy to radiate His Truth to a world so in need of Him.

Through your prayers and support, you are an integral part of the mission to which God is calling us. You walk with us in encouraging vocations, passing on the Faith to the coming generations, and evangelizing the world through a bold and authentic witness to Christ’s truth, beauty, and goodness. May God reward you for your generosity and may He shine His light into many hearts and minds through it!!

Faithfully in Jesus and Mary,
Mother Amata Veritas, O.P.
Prioress General
Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

“Remember the wonders the Lord has done” Psalm 105:5

CONSECRATED LIFE: “Look to Him and be radiant.” Psalm 34:5

IN THE BEGINNING: The proliferation of Christ’s radiant love is what our foundresses dared hope for when they stepped out in faith 25 years ago to begin a new religious community. They were drawn by the Holy Spirit to gather young women called to religious consecration, clothe them in God’s radiance, and send them forth as joyful witnesses of His fidelity to a world in darkness.

At three months old, our tiny new community begun by just four Sisters hosted the first of what would be many discernment retreats to come. Through God’s grace, 13 young ladies attended, and within a year, we had our first new Postulants entering!

25 YEARS LATER: Over 300 young women attend one of our three discernment retreats each year in Ann Arbor. Other discernment gatherings are held at our Texas Priory and smaller mission houses around the country.

We seek to make religious life visible and provide a witness to its joy and beauty. Our community’s digital apostolate, Openlight Media, offers books and vocation interviews highlighting our own Sisters’ discernment stories.

CATHOLIC EDUCATION: “Proclaim His marvelous deeds.” Psalm 96:6

IN THE BEGINNING: In 1997, our foundresses began their first active work in Catholic education – administering Spiritus Sanctus Academies (SSA) in Ann Arbor and Plymouth, Michigan.

25 YEARS LATER: Our two SSA schools now serve over 350 students, and through God’s providence, we now bring Christ’s light to an additional 15,000 students across the nation as more than 90 Sister-teachers and administrators serve in 14 elementary schools, 13 high schools, and 2 universities. When school lets out, our Sisters serve in educational summer camps (30 summer missions in 2022 alone), bringing the joy of consecrated life and the love of Christ to parishes around the country.

Beyond the physical classroom, God has given great fruit through our Disciple of Christ, Education in Virtue® program, which provides a compelling means to nurture faith, virtue, and prayer. The program is now trusted by 700+ schools and 525+ parishes in 89+ countries worldwide. Through our digital apostolate, Openlight Media, we seek to form Catholic leaders and educators as we continue to release solidly Catholic, Sister-produced materials and resources.

WITNESS/EVANGELIZATION: “The truth will set you free.” John 8:32

IN THE BEGINNING: The first witness of consecrated life is the Habit our Sisters wear. Our four foundresses stepped out in faith, trusting the Lord to draw many vocations through His light recognizable in the habit of St. Dominic. It was their hope that these vocations would be a beacon of light to the world for generations to come!

25 YEARS LATER: Now over 150 Sisters strong, our impact has multiplied a hundred-fold! The witness of the habit boldly testifies to the reality of God in a secular world and is a means of evangelization wherever we go, especially as we take the faith into the public square.

Through God’s generosity, He has called us to radiate His Truth through countless, diverse opportunities ranging from media appearances to demonstrating the sacredness of life with our students at pro-life events throughout the country.

As consecrated religious, the Faith resides deep within our hearts, and as Dominicans, we are compelled to share God’s truth, beauty, and goodness in everything we are and do. We seek to integrate and joyfully shine forth the Faith even beyond the classroom – in our writing, media projects, musical recordings, and speaking engagements.

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